QwikSpec Features

Transform your field inspections

  • From millions of paper copies To indexed, searchable online database
  • From lack of proper audit trails To systematic log of all inspection activity
  • From inability to identify patterns across hundreds of data points To insights that lead to business decisions
  • From prevalence of malpractice in field To use of technology to eliminate malpractices

Consume on pay-per-use model

  • No expensive IT costs upfront
  • Unlimited storage capacity on individually segregated databases
  • Maximum flexibility to manage costs by just paying for what you use
  • Maximum flexibility to quickly scale to meet market demands

The power of mobility to the field

  • Easy to use mobile device user interface for field staff
  • Generate real time data by providing a mobility based solution to the field
  • Significantly decrease inspection-to-certificate cycle time
  • Productivity improvements since field staff spend more time on field work than administrative work